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Job title: Research Scientist

Company: Massachusetts General Hospital

Job description: General Summary/Overview Statement:

The Ragon Institute is a highly unique, innovative, and collaborative research center at the forefront of biomedical science. Founded by Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT, and Harvard, the Ragon vision is a bold one: to harness the power of the immune system to prevent and cure human disease on a global scale. This vision is pursued and advanced every day by a group of highly motivated individuals. The Ragon Institute, at every level, depends upon collaboration, compassion, dedication, and innovation. It is a results-oriented organization that seeks people who not only embrace these values but who thrive in teams and want to work in a dynamic environment.

A position is open for a full-time research scientist in the Balazs Lab at the Ragon Institute. The person hired will work in a group conducting basic and translational laboratory research on engineering immunity against infectious diseases.

The research in this area will focus on understanding the underlying mechanisms of immunogenicity following gene transfer by Adeno Associated Virus vectors. They will also conduct virological and immunological experiments, including but not limited to designing lentiviral and adeno associated viral vectors. Perform animal experiments with regular and humanized mice with the goal of understanding the interplay between pathogens and engineered host immune responses. The research scientist will work under the supervision of the PI and will be involved in collaborative studies within the Ragon Institute and with outside collaborators. He/she is also expected to contribute to the implementation of novel technologies at the Ragon Institute.

This is a great opportunity for someone with extensive experience in molecular virology research to diversify his/her research experience through studying immunology of an crucial translational technology. The position can serve as an ideal step before transition either to independent research in an academic setting, or a career in the pharmaceutical industry. In the perspective of this transition to a more senior position, the senior research scientist, will be encouraged to seek personal funding and will contribute to the writing of larger grants.

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with extensive previous experience in molecular virology techniques. Experience with work in BL2/BL2+ conditions required. At least five years of postdoctoral research experience and a track record of research publications in virology are required. The Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard offer an outstanding research environment with cutting-edge research facilities and multidisciplinary training opportunities.

Job Duties:

· Performs assays utilizing standard techniques (antibody staining, flow cytometry, DNA/RNA extraction and analysis, standard and quantitative PCR, ELISA, cloning)

· Cell/tissue processing, culture, transfection, reporter gene assays and cell maintenance

· Performing experiments in a BSL2+ level area involving live HIV cultures. This includes tissue culture and primary culture, ELISA, flow cytometry and other diagnostic tests.

· Oversees animal colonies for the project and assists in decisions on animal health, colony size, and other issues. This will include an HIV+ colony of humanized mice. Performs animal procedures including blood and organ collection. Communicates to PI on a regular basis regarding status of colonies.

· Develops new scientific protocols, computer software, tools or the equipment used for research/experiments.

· Conducts literature research; provides input into research reports, journals and/or articles; presents research work at seminars and participates in lab discussions

· Assists researchers in data analysis and interpretation by applying scientific software applications and tools.

· Assists in reviewing and revising standard operating procedures and implementing quality control practices.

· Performs lab duties such as preparing stock solutions, assisting with lab inventory and other general lab maintenance.

· Ensures quality control of equipment, reagents and cellular components.

· Participates in on-going quality control/assurance programs.

· Ordering and inventory of laboratory supplies.

· Detailed documentation of the experimental work.

· Regular maintenance, cataloging and back-up of experimental data files.

  • Assembling and delivering presentations of progress at bi-weekly lab meetings


· Doctoral degree or equivalent

· 5 years of relevant postdoctoral experience required

· Exceptional organizational and documentation skills are required

· Must be highly-motivated and productive, with the ability to both work as part of a team as well as carry out research tasks independently

· Must be capable of multitasking effectively to maximize productivity

· Needs to exhibit a willingness to learn and grow

· Must have good interpersonal skills

The above job description details the major duties and qualifications of the listed position. The individual hired to this position confirms that they are able to perform all duties outlined. Although the specific duties and responsibilities of this position may vary slightly, the supervisor of this position will ensure that the individual hired to this position is trained and qualified to complete each task assigned.

Expected salary:

Location: Cambridge, MA

Job date: Sun, 25 Feb 2024 02:27:57 GMT

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