Mechanical Engineer Mechanical engineer

Job title: Mechanical Engineer Mechanical engineer


Job description: 1. Hands on experience in working and maintenance of automized production and packaging machines. Knowledge of automation sensors, transmitters, temperature controller, servo motors etc. 2. Good knowledge of servicing of Motor, Gearbox, Blowers, pneumatic system maintenance. 3. Assess new developments or innovations to see if they are workable. 4. Maintain the specific documents, test plans, and progress reports. 5. Work with technicians and production staff as needed. 6. Make sure that meet safety regulations 7. Plan and oversee inspection and maintenance schedules. 8. Inspect completed installations and observe operations to ensure conformance of equipments, specifications and compliance with operational and safety standards. 9. Document all reports and vendor details for future reference. 10. Plan and implement preventive and predictive maintenance system to ensure zero downtime in production machines / related equipments. 11. Co-ordinate with production fellow team members for effective maintenance service for uninterrupted production. 12. Responsible for effective inventory management of all related spare parts. 13. Responsible for maintaining and implementing QMS, ISO Standard and client based audit standards (if any). 14. Prepare SOPs and implementing effective techniques in plant maintenance to increase efficiency and improve quality standards to achieve maximum cost saving. 15. Undertake training and development activities to improve job knowledge, Safety, maintenance performance of team members. 16. Provide prompt response to inquiries whenever there is breakdown and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 17. Manage staffs. Ensure manpower discipline on the shop floor. 18. Should be able to read mechanical symbol & identify them and able to understand drawings. 19. Basic knowledge of Utilities.

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Location: Tarapur, Maharashtra – Boisar, Maharashtra

Job date: Mon, 04 Mar 2024 23:54:44 GMT

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