Instrument Field Engineer

Job title: Instrument Field Engineer

Company: Air Products

Job description: At Air Products, our purpose is to bring people together to reimagine what’s possible, collaborate and innovate solutions to the world’s most significant energy and environmental sustainability challenges. Grow with us as we embark on building tomorrow together by being the safest, most diverse and most profitable industrial gas company in the world.Reimagine What’s PossiblePRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIESNature and ScopeThe Instrument Field Engineer is a very demanding position. There is a reasonable expectation to respond to operational requirements on a 24 hour per day, 7 day per week basis. For this type of work the field engineer has to be completely flexible and readily available. There may be times when this is required at very short notice in the event of a plant breakdown.Field Engineers are required to prepare written reports within a reasonable time period after completing an assignment. The reports should include supporting technical information, drawings, spare parts utilised, scope of work, quantity of resources used, key durations, recommendation and feedback, methods, special procedures/tools and any future work.Provide technical support for the commissioning of new plant and equipment. Review and verification of correct installation, function checking, and commissioning of new plant and equipment, calibration and acceptance of equipment from contractors.At all times ensuring that the required safety standards are made known and adhered to by those working with them.Principal AccountabilitiesTo respond to any major occurrence of plant breakdown where control and instrumentation expertise is required, carry out prompt inspection, analyse the fault, repair and re-commission affected plant and equipment so as to assure the minimum loss of production.Support plants with maintenance according to the Plant Maintenance programme. This could range from routine maintenance or major overhaul maintenance. This will include working on maintenance shutdownsWhen supervising contractors and/or Air Products staff, ensure that the work is adequately planned and executed safely at a high level of effectiveness.Carry out plant modifications according to central design specification, submit any self generated design changes to specialist engineers for approval via the MOC process prior to implementation. For some projects generating scope, cost and obtaining expenditure approval prior to executing the work scope.Give advice and assistance to Plant Managers and their staff on maintenance matters as requested, drawing when necessary upon the technical resources and expertise of specialist engineers.In association with the Maintenance Systems group, review and update the technical content of the preventive maintenance procedures and to recommend changes where improvements in safety, quality or economy may be effected.Provide as required, training to Air Products, joint venture, and third party personnel in maintenance practices.(111) The Instrument Field Engineer supervises and/or performs preventive and corrective maintenance, troubleshooting, modification, installation and commissioning of control and instrumentation systems and equipment in Global Operations production facilities; joint venture, and third party facilitiesEQUIPMENT:Process plant instrumentation of various types (e.g. pressure, temperature, flow, level, vibration measurement and transmission systems)Shutdown systemsControls systems such as DCS and PLCAnalysers of various typesControl and switching valves of various typesDiagnostic toolsLaptop computerSAPSUPERVISION:Approximately 20-30% of a Field Engineer’s time is spent supervising Air Products personnel and/or contractors. The Field Engineer is responsible for subordinates’ safety, productivity, technical performance and conformance to procedures. The Field Engineer is also required to carry out a portion of the technical work whilst supervising.ASSIGNMENT AND REVIEW OF WORK:Work will be mostly assigned through the maintenance management team and the Instrument Field Maintenance Supervisor (Principle Engineer).Some work will be self generated, the proportion depending on seniority.DECISION-MAKING AUTHORITY:Job Holder: Dependant upon seniority. Will make engineering decisions within their technical capability associated with their particular assignment.Shared: Where there is uncertainty over whether an engineering decision is within their capability, guidance and greater expertise will be gained from the Instrument Field Maintenance Supervisor, or from the Operations Process Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineering department.CONTACT WITH OTHERS:UKIMD Maintenance Field teamMaintenance Manager(s)Plant management and staffCentral Technical TeamsContractors & SuppliersMaterials ManagementProcurementPayroll/HRKNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:The Field Engineer must be familiar with the control and instrumentation equipment and systems in the facilities served. For example: analysers, measurement systems (temperature, pressure, flow, level, vibration), shutdown systems, control and switching valves, control systems (DCS and PLC), and pneumatic control systems . Technical skills rank higher than supervisory skills in this position.QualificationsThe minimum requirements for the Instrument Field Engineer’s position are: completion of a Formal Instrumentation Apprenticeship, Tertiary Vocational Qualification to minimum HNC or equivalent, supplemented by 5 years post apprenticeship experience in control and instrumentation systems. The ability to read instrumentation drawings, trip panel drawings, logic diagrams and tables, PLC and DCS configuration. The ability to communicate in English, both spoken and written.MOST CHALLENGING PART OF JOB:Working in a demanding and flexing business, with plans and systems that are being frequently updated, and where priorities may be forced to change abruptly. The Instrument Field Engineer will be expected to be self motivated, have good initiative and be able to progress work to the expectations of his/her customers with limited direct supervision. They will often have to work in tight deadline-driven situations and have the ability to stay calm, to collect the relevant information in order to enable good and timely decisions to be made either by themselves, the Maintenance Manager, or any other person he might be in contact with. They will often have to work in various locations in the UK, and on some occasions in Europe.We are the world’s largest hydrogen producer with over 80 years of industrial gas experience. We are hydrogen and industrial gas experts delivering safe, end-to-end solutions, investing in real, clean energy projects at scale, and driving the industry forward to generate a cleaner future.At Air Products, we work in an environment where we put safety first, diversity is essential, inclusion is our culture, and each person knows they belong and matter. To learn more, visit About Air Products.

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Location: United Kingdom

Job date: Wed, 15 May 2024 00:09:20 GMT

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