AI Solutions Engineer

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Job title: AI Solutions Engineer

Company: PolyAI

Job description: We are seeking an aspiring and innovative engineer to join our engineering team. This role involves working closely with generative technologies (LLM, Voice synthesis), in collaboration with project managers, dialogue designers, platform engineers, deployment engineers, and enterprise customers to deliver the best generative voice assistants for customer service use cases.

Key Responsibilities:

  • You will take part in the design of the voice agent in collaboration with project manager, dialogue designers, and clients, to define the capabilities and scope of the voice assistant
  • You will be developing the voice assistant based on the agreed scope, using PolyAI’s proprietary voice AI platform. The task would involve python scripting, LLM prompting, API integration, telephony integration … etc
  • You will be tasked to build generative AI prototypes and figure out how to prompt the agent to do new tasks. You need to know when to cut corners and when to act reliably based on the project requirements
  • You will continue to be exposed to new technologies and new APIs. You will be tasked to evaluate them, iterate, and incorporate into our development process
  • You will influence the roadmap and design of our GenAI platform through your extensive experiences in building generative voice assistants
  • You will act as a bridge between practical application and technical development, ensuring client needs are met through innovative technology.
  • You will need to develop tools and scripts to facilitate the creation of GenAI agents whenever it is appropriate, and continue refining and enhancing software capabilities to meet evolving client needs

Minimum Requirements:

  • BS degree in a technical field involving coding, or equivalent industry experience.
  • 1+ year(s) of Python / C++ / Java experience, or equivalent.
  • You are a fast learner and open to learning.
  • You have passions in Generative AI and LLM.
  • Proficiency in verbal and written English communication.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Experience in Generative AI and LLM.
  • Knowledge of REST/SOAP APIs and associated technologies such as OAuth2.0 and TLS
  • Knowledge of telephony protocols such as SIP, or knowledge of other networking protocols
  • Understanding of the software deployment cycle, including local deployments, testing, code reviews etc.

Our interview process:

  • An initial phone call (30 minutes) with the hiring manager
  • A take-home coding problem
  • Two back-to-back technical interviews (45 minutes each). One interview will ask you to implement a basic Python client within our proprietary policy framework, given an API specification. The other interview will mimic debugging common scenarios that may occur when setting up a new telephony integration over SIP.
  • A 30 minute behavioural interview with our Management Team.

Expected salary:

Location: London

Job date: Wed, 07 Feb 2024 23:51:15 GMT

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