Agricultural Scientist

Job title: Agricultural Scientist

Company: Bovine Dynamics Pty Ltd

Job description: The purpose of this position is to serve as an agricultural scientist, providing research scientist services to the Australian beef industry. The position will study commercial animals to enhance productivity of the Australian feedlot industry. The successful agricultural scientist will execute scientific agricultural research projects for the Australian feedlot industry on nutrition, antimicrobial stewardship, animal health, and productivity. It is a requirement that the employee have a PhD in animal science to ensure the individual has the level of knowledge and skillset to provide high quality agricultural scientific services to the Australian feedlot industry. The position requires a highly trained scientist who has the ability to study, develop, and implement techniques and processes to improve the productivity and nutrition of cattle in Australia. This specific position will drive research in antimicrobial stewardship through performing research studies on non-antibiotic options for animal health challenges in the Australian feedlot industry.


  • Collecting and analysing data including cattle weights, breed types, dentition, property identification codes, morbidity causes, mortality causes, average daily gain, feed intake, feed conversion ratios, antimicrobial usage, exit weights, carcase weights, carcase quality, and food safety parameters
  • Collecting, storing, and transporting faecal samples for testing for bacterial species of importance to animal health and food safety
  • Application, maintenance, and reporting for animal ethics requirements
  • Education of Australian farmers regarding animal ethics
  • Advising farmers on livestock diseases such as Bovine Respiratory Disease, the most significant disease in the Australian feedlot industry and practices which can reduce the incidence of disease such as biosecurity practices, animal feeding programs including non-antibiotic feed additives, and animal husbandry practices
  • Studying environmental factors impacting cattle growth, health, and performance
  • Studying the effects of feeding techniques and feed additives and ration formulations on cattle production and health
  • Developing research procedures, study protocols, and statistical design to scientifically evaluate interventions to solve problems in the industry and improve the efficiency of feedlot cattle
  • Consult with feedlots to improve the sustainability and long-term success of feedlots to positively impact the environment and community
  • Researching methods to improve the health of livestock
  • Investigate, plan, and assist with implementation of plans to mitigate the effects of natural disasters such as fires, droughts, and floods and animal diseases
  • Writing grant applications for research funding to improve animal health and productivity of cattle in Australian feedlots
  • Assist with formulation of diets and husbandry practices for calf nutrition programs in Early Weaning programs of cattle to drive reproductive rates in females and performance and health of calves

Base Location
Bovine Dynamics
Unit 12, 9 Princeton Street
Kenmore, QLD 4069

Bovine Dynamics provides nutritional, veterinary and animal performance consulting services to Australian feedlots located across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. Bovine dynamics is an innovative, research-driven consulting firm that works with clients to achieve optimal animal health and performance through tailored diet formulation, nutritional advice, and customized veterinary care programs. In addition, Bovine Dynamics conducts regular feedlot client visits with full site reviews and staff training sessions. The professional team at Bovine Dynamics maintain expertise in ruminant nutrition, meat science, animal health, animal welfare, parasitology, immunology, agricultural communication, data management, statistical analysis, and applied research.

Bovine Dynamics clientele encompass integrated beef processing, pastoral and large private organisations that have intensive cattle feeding operations. Bovine Dynamics operates the largest animal performance and animal health database in Australia, the later in collaboration with a leading veterinary practice, to provide clients with regular benchmarking and strategic review functionality.

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Hours and Location of Work:
This is a full-time position based in Brisbane, Queensland servicing research projects at feedlots and farms across Australia with a primary focus in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. The employee will have a desk in our Kenmore office, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland. At times, the research projects will be based in rural Australia and hence the successful applicant may be based 100% of the time at a rural feedlot site to ensure the research is completed to the standards of Bovine Dynamics. It will be common to be away from Brisbane four nights a week. Excellent accommodation and full compensation for meals is provided. There will be a requirement to travel by commercial and private planes for some research visits. It is also expected the employee will be capable of driving several hours at a time to visit feedlots.

The selected agricultural scientist will be responsible for maintaining valuable relationships with clients through effective research programs and excellent communication. The scientist will need to work with the feedlot industry to understand their research requirements to lead and manage applied research projects to improve efficiency, productivity, and health of feedlot cattle. Further, the selected individual should maintain the most up to date knowledge in regards to feedlot cattle health and nutrition through literature reviews, relevant conference attendance, and networking with experts in the field.

  • Collaborate with research organisations, nutritionists, veterinarians, feedlot owners and managers, and feedlot staff to design and execute commercial feedlot research projects aimed to maximise performance and sustainability of feedlots.
  • On-site management of research projects including performing duties at feedlots, abattoirs, and laboratories.
  • Collect, record, and analyse research data including induction, feeding, animal health, microbial, and carcase data.
  • Collect, store, and transport samples to laboratories for testing for bacterial species
  • Writing reports for animal ethics, research publications, internal client research projects, and funding organisations.
  • Maintain involvement with relevant industry bodies including Australian Lot Feeders Association and Meat and Livestock Australia.
  • Attend appropriate feedlot conferences, social functions, and dinners to support clients and develop networking capacities.


  • A Doctor of Philosophy in the field of animal science.
  • Industry Knowledge and Experience: An established rapport with rural agriculture and a passion for cattle and the intensive livestock industry. An established expertise in the areas of antimicrobial stewardship, cattle nutrition and microbiology are required to drive the research program.
  • Communication Skills: Must demonstrate clear and effective verbal and nonverbal communication style. A demonstrated ability to write scientific reports with a scientific publication record. Excellent e-mail and phone etiquette.
  • Statistical Analysis Skills: Excellent data analysis skills.
  • Unencumbered current motor vehicle drivers licence.
  • Willingness to travel and preparedness to be away from home 4 nights per week.

Salary & Superannuation:
The starting salary is AUD $120,000.00 per year plus 11% compulsory superannuation (retirement fund) which is paid on a monthly basis, for a total of AUD $133,200.00 per year.

Expected salary: $120000 per year

Location: Queensland

Job date: Wed, 27 Dec 2023 23:36:42 GMT

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